Hiromitsu Tecnoart (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

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Hiromitsu Tecnoart (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

150/75 Moo.9 Tambol Nongkham, Amphur Sriracha, Chonburi 20110
Tel. 038-347-355
Fax. 038-347-356
Office Hours : 08.00 - 17.00 Hrs.
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Tecnoart Co.,Ltd. (Japan) http://www.kabu-tecnoart.co.jp/

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Hiromitsu Tecnoart (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

Pinthong 2 Industrial park 150/75 Moo.9 Tambol.Nongkham , Amphur.Sriracha,

Chonburi 20110

Tel. (+66) 038-347-355 Fax.(+66) 038-347-356

Managing Director

Mr.Yasuyuki Hatamori

Tel: (+66)8-8872-0334(Thailand)


E-mail: Hatamori@htt-th.com

Assistant Managing Director

Mr. Chatchai Nuntiyakul (Big)

Tel: (+66)038-347-355#104,


E-mail: chatchai@htt-th.com

Production Manager

Mr. Vitsanu Noinarin (Oa)

Tel: (+66) 038-347-355#105


Email: vitsanu@htt-th.com

Quality Control Manager

Mr. Jaturong Thinwongyae (Wab)

Tel: (+66)038-347-355#105,


E-mail: quality1@htt-th.com

Factory Manager

Mr. Yukihiro Hara

Tel: (+66)9-0739-3316

E-mail: hara@kabu-tecnoart.co.jp


Factory Manager

Mr. Yoichi Shibata

Tel: (+66)6-3176-7817

E-mail: Shibata@kabu-tecnoart.co.jp

Accounting and Financial

Ms. Pornsuda Muenseang (Porn)

Tel: (+66) 038-347-355#101,


E-mail: accounting@htt-th.com

Accounting, BOI Staff

Ms. Wipatsaya Mangmee (Nam)

Tel: (+66) 038-347-355#101,


E-mail: accountingboi@htt-th.com

General Administration and Safety

Ms. Rattna Muenseang (Tai)

Tel: (+66) 038-347-355#102,


E-mail: admin@htt-th.com

General Administration and Japanese Interpreter

Ms.Narin Duangsaeng (Rin)

Tel: (+66)038-347-355#102,


E-mail: narin@htt-th.com

Sales Engineer

Mr. Wijarn Ubolpan (Vik)

Tel: (+66)038-347-355#102,


E-mail: wijarn_sales@htt-th.com

Sales Assistant

Ms. Ketnapa Nakrong (Ann)

Tel: (+66)038-347-355#102,


E-mail: sales2@htt-th.com