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Try originating the innovation that challenge continuously
Hiromitsu Tecnoart (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

150/75 Moo.9 Tambol Nongkham, Amphur Sriracha, Chonburi 20110
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Office Hours : 08.00 - 17.00 Hrs.
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Hiromitsu Seisakusyo

Greetings from the president

Hiromitsu tecnoart (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in July 2011. Headquarterd in Suzuka Mie, Japan. Our company is a manufacturer that work development to auto part, motorcycle, electronic and jig fixture as well as hand work for repairable part. We have support services for clients in the new model with production and preparation to Mass Production, for the single part and contribute to a COMP part with the help of the measurement device (Jig Assy, Jig fixer). As well as measurement value. Hand work was accurate and precise to the values (accuracy) higher.

Operational aspects in Thailand of the commitment and dedication finally that has earned the trust of clients. HTT is committed to building a factory to production process in January 2013 at Thailand to ready to support for clients. In Machine list used in the mass process all kinds. Another, to meet the needs of customers have been made a labels show the prototype sheet metal in order to faster, more cleanly, cheaper to provide for customers.

Hiromitsu Tecnoart (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. hope all our business activities can to as a little development for Thailand. Thus our staff are combined to commitment to moving forward to a strong future and take steady steps ahead. Best regards.


Yasuyuki Hatamori

Principle Administrates

In with regard to a company will grow up, everybody will must the dream and are will engrossed in to achieve. And, the alms serves products side that meets to build the trustworthiness of customers.

HTT Philosophy

Try originating the innovation that challenge continuously.